The stress buster

One day someone mentioned to me that I should buy salvia and I asked what it is. I was told that it helps to relieve all types of stress and tension in a persons life. I was told about salvia divinorum, which is also known as Salvia. The Salvia extracts were also available if it is needed in this form. So, I am off to find more about it and see if it can help me out also.

Envelope Design

When you send out written correspondence, your envelope will be the first thing your customers or potential customers see. You want the first impression to be a good and lasting one, one that is unique and memorable from the others. You also may want to consider using color on your envelopes to set the bar just a little higher then your competitors. - New Auction site with a twist - New Auction site with a twistHave you ever heard of getting Apple, iPhone, iPod, iMac, Macbook Pro for $20!?! What about Sony, PS2, PS3, Xbox, games, consoles for $5.90! Yes, it is possible to actually buy Camera, Nikon, Canon, Digital SLR cameras, Camcorders starting from $0.60 per bid! How is it possible, you may be wondering? Well, there is a new auction site called Bidhere where you can get Super cheap bargains that you have only dreamed of till now. Do check it out!

Letterhead Stationary

For all business letters sent out you need to have a professional letterhead. Whether it be a proposal, or a simple notice you need to have it on a letterhead. The quality of this paper should be a high quality heavy paper. You should consider some color in your letterhead, this will help it stand out and give your business the representation you deserve. This should also be printed professional to guarantee you the top quality you want. These professional printings will give you the best results for when you send out those initial proposals to all your potential clients. You want your business to stand out from the "crowd."

Cool game

Review am a real gaming person and love to try out the latest new games that come out. Well, you can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon a game called aion. This is a multiplayer online role playing game and I do not have enough words to describe the excitement that it has brought into my life. Previously, I used to be so bored when I was home alone. Now, however, I long to be home alone because that is when I can go online undisturbed, and play this game with the other players waiting online for me. This game is a fantasy game and is so addictive that you won't be able to stop playing it.

Flying is the only mode of travel and combat. Four primary classes exist in this game and you can choose the one which suits you the best. The different aion classes are: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. Once a player has gotten up to level 10, he/she must choose from the two specialized classes associated with that base class. This will permit him/her to get a feel for the play style of the class before making a major decision as to which class to play for the rest of the game.

Business Cards

Every business needs to have business cards. You want something convenient to hand to people when they ask for your contact information. If you are attending a meeting or conference you are sure to meet new people who may need your services. You want to think of the layout and content of your business cards very carefully. You want to give your contact information and have it stand out, but you also want your card to be unique. If your potential customer has several cards for the same type of service yours will stand out from the rest. You can choose to have information on both sides, or contact information on the front and a design on the back, it is all up to you and what you think represents your business the best. You can choose to have your cards coated or not as well. Keep in mind that if your cards are coated it will be very difficult to write on them, say if your potential customer wants to jot some information on the card. You definitely want your cards printed professional; this will give you a great outcome that you will be happy to give to potential clients.

Web directories

Web directories are comprised of a list of various websites which have been compiled by website reviewers. DMOZ and Yahoo directory are examples. You may have heard a lot being discussed about web directories and wondered what the big fuss was all about. The reason why a lot of business and website owners use web directories is because they can greatly increase profits as there are many useful links for business usually contained in them. Depending upon the business objective, links can be found pertaining to that objective. For example, if your line of business is medicine, then look for those website directories with medical links, and try to obtain as accurate results as possible.

Now, there are a plethora of web directories (free, paid, business and other types) out there on the internet, and it can often be difficult deciding which one would be the right choice for you. Keep in mind a fundamental rule: a good business web directory will have a variety of websites listed on it. Try to avoid those directories that offer many similar links, because this might not be helpful if you want to search for different types of links in the same directory. Steer clear of website directories that seem to be unreliable. Also, select an SEO friendly web directory that lists websites that are frequented most by your target market.

Making money online from blogging

Working from home and making money online has never been so easy.

There's an exciting array of opportunities opening up for bloggers for earning an income from or through their blogging. Bloggers looking to earn an income from blogging should spread their interests across multiple revenue streams. This is becoming increasingly much easier to do and the past year has witnessed many options opening up.

A Few Examples Of Income Generators for Bloggers:

Advertising Programs - such as Google's Adsense, and many more. MSN and Yahoo also have ad programs but those are still in beta testing.

Sponsorship - Some businesses are realizing the advantage of advertising directly on blogs. Some companies also pay bloggers to write on certain topics on a post-by-post basis.

Affiliate Programs - such as Amazon, Commission Junction etc. There are also hundred of others from the large to the very small.

Business Blog Writing - Many competitive businesses today have started blogs. Some have internal staff take on blogging duties, but many hire bloggers to run their blogs.

Non Blogging Writing Avenues - Bloggers are even being approached for writing in newspapers, magazines, books, and other non-blog websites.

Merchandising - an increasing number of bloggers are making a bit extra by selling branded products through programs like Cafepress, etc.

Blog advertising

Advertisers who are selling products and/or services have finally realized that the power and reach of the internet is unsurpassed by any other medium. Blog marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are utilized by all the marketers who wish to harness the potential of the internet.

One of the ways of to have effective advertising is by going in for blog advertising. Advertising on blogs has become extremely popular as of late. Anyone with a blog can offer advertising to advertisers. As far as advertising on blogs goes, I have to admit that I myself have become a convert to the potential.

The blogger simply writes about the advertiser's products or services and then also links back to the advertiser's website, thereby giving more power to the latter's Link Popularity. No only does the advertiser get Higher Search Engine Rankings, he also gets more targeted traffic which in turn boosts his Sales and revenue (in essence, the bottomline).

The reason why blog advertising works is because blogs are essentially gathering places for niche influencers and opinion-makers whose loyal audience also consists of smart, savvy consumers. It is not just young college students that read blogs. Rather, the audience can be composed of an astonishingly wide demographical and geographical reader profile, not to mention also the mainstream media.

Old-line, entrenched brands do not benefit much from blog advertising, as their ads are seldom interesting, thought-provoking, or human enough. Generally speaking, new launches, new products, newsmakers, etc. are what blog advertising works for. The ads should have a human voice and be high on the connectivity factor. Moreover, the ads need to be as edgy and rich as the blog content itself. Humor or sarcasm works splendidly as well. One actually needs to appeal to the reader's sensibilities with solid copy. Exclusivity also is highly appreciated by bloggers. For example, offering something first to bloggers, before it is offered to the general public, can score the advertiser brownie points, big time.

House cleaning is cathartic!

Yes, it is! House cleaning IS a cathartic process for me. Although I do sometimes think I am one of the very few people who, despite being financially well off, still clean their house themselves. I can think up a few practical reasons: it’s disruptive to have service people in my house, etc.

However, I think the real reason is something different -- I find that after housecleaning, my spirits feel lifted. My thoughts are cleared and my mind feels lighter as well. It's like the congestion in my mind has lessened along with the conjestion in my house! I feel this same way after throwing unnecessary items in the house away. There's a system called "Feng Shui" that advocates this too. You may have noticed the same feeling when working at a messy desk versus a clean and tidy one -- you feel "better" in the latter (at least in my case!) Any comments on this?

Trade show next month

My company is going to be attending a trade show next month and setting up our own Trade Show Booth at the venue. Trade Show Booths do eat into the budget and, with the finances being tight as it is, my boss told me to find out if there is any way to save money any place possible. Well, I did my research and found out that a great way to cut costs is to buy Used Trade Show Displays. So that's what we are going to go with this time for our trade show booth. You might think that a Used Trade Show Display does not look good. However, the fact is that there are some great places online where you can buy used trade show displays that are actually in like-new shape.

Local Service That Can't Be Beat

There are plenty of places that you can go to get jewelry for that special someone in your life, but most of them lack the personal touch that you can only get from a local business that's been servicing the town for decades. That's what you get with Adolf Jewelers. As a leading Richmond jewelry store, they've been offering the best selection of Richmond watches and Richmond diamonds for years.

Whether you're looking for that special ring for her, something for a birthday, or something to just say that you love them, Adolf Jewelers has the price, selection, and service that will quickly make you realize why they've been the leading Richmond jeweler for years.

Court Reporting Services Close to Home

Sure, not everybody will require the use of a court reporter in their life, but, if you had to use one, wouldn't you rather use one that's close to your work or home? That's why Cook & Wiley has been a leading Richmond court reporter for years, offering a range of services to businesses in the Richmond, Virginia are such as Richmond video conferencing, and a Richmond conference room that's great for meetings or for use in tandem with their video conferencing setup.

You may never need the services that Cook & Wiley provides, but when you do, you'll be glad that Cook & Wiley is here in Richmond ready to help you out with all your court reporting, video conferencing, and conference room needs.

Looking for a partner?

Are you looking for a partner to date and/or share your life with? In today's world, people are changing with technology. Many Singles don't opt to find their partner in their surroundings, but rather search for a partner on dating sites. Also, a lot of American Singles are working and often don't get much time to go out and find a good partner. That's why dating agencies are getting more popular everyday.

If you are looking for a partner of your choice, then put your profile in the Personals. Your profile has a lot of importance because it works like your representative on dating sites. It show what type of person you are, and for what kind of person you are looking.

Plumber, air conditioner, and heat pumps in Richmond VA

Buying a home is not without its problems. After you have already spent your hard-earned money on the home, you often discover that there are existing problems with either the plumbing, air conditioning, or heat pumps. I'm not saying this out of the blue. These problems were actually experienced by one of my friends who has just bought a house in Richmond, VA. She had to hunt around to find the services of plumber Richmond, VA, air conditioning Richmond, VA, and heat pumps Richmond, VA all at one go. Luckily she found some professionals who were experts in their respective fields. They gave her high customer service and consistent excellent quality of work, which has made her decide that she will use them again the next time she has problems. This is because complicated problems require the services of a professional since much of it is beyond the abilities and knowledge of the average homeowner. Moreover, a botched up job can end up costing you way more than if you had called an experienced professional in the first place. That's why it's important to note down the names and contact numbers of various maintenance people beforehand so that you can immediately ring them up when required.

Great franchise opportunities

Many believe that anyone who can survive in a demanding job and who has a burning desire to be successful can easily achieve that goal simply by working hard in their own franchise business opportunity. In franchise opportunities, if you are conducting effective research, educating yourself, and working hard, you can succeed. Others tend to look at the plight of many small business owners. There are many franchise and business owners that are struggling to get by day to day. The idea that running a franchise, or any business is easy is a myth; but with hard work and the right timing you can be successful. There are also many companies out there that can help you.

The Creation art of an Advanced Decorative Concrete Installation

You know what, I guess 7 years ago (or thereabouts), I decided that I wanted to learn everything there was to know about decorative concrete Virginia installations. Therefore, I resolved that I would first, and foremost, need to go and visit a facility that specializes in stamped and decorative concrete installations and designs. So, I found arranged a 3-hour tour. What I can tell you is that I was literally knocked out of my rather bouncy boots by the total amount of information that someone needs to understand in order to specialize in the topic of decorative concrete design. If I started learning everything about it right now, I might know as much or perhaps more than the top experts in about five to ten years. Well now, I've got quite a lot of work cut out for me, don't I. Better hit the books and get started. But I'm tired! I don't feel like starting! Well, as Miss Mother Maple once said, star-like people don't do things because they like to do them; they do them because they need to do them. I not only want to learn everything there is to learn about concrete systems, but I want to be able to singlehandedly do the installation of concrete systems without help from a stranger for industrial, residential, and commercial applications. With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, I should be able to learn everything about them very soon. And then it will be a grtand day. A very, very, happy day. I may novel sitting on a desk that nobody quite wants to read, but right now I know a thing or two about industrial flooring systems.

Affordable auto insurance

Having decided to buy a new car, I also know that I will have to cough up some amount of money for getting auto insurance. However, I am relieved to know that I can get free auto insurance quotes online and end up saving loads of money on auto insurance by searching for an affordable car insurance company.

Every car driver must have auto insurance, whether they are owners or non-owners. This is not only required by law but also protects you from liability and financial obligations from unforeseen events on the road. Usually, private individuals who drive vehicles for personal use are the ones who pay for the premiums. Thus, the onus of searching for affordable auto insurance rests on their shoulders. That car insurance which is not paid by the private individual is termed business car insurance.

When you compare auto insurance, you will discover some of the most attractive car insurance quotes around, and find a cheap auto insurance deal that'll provide you with just the kind of auto insurance coverage you’ve been looking for. You'll be in a position to choose the auto insurance company that suits your auto insurance needs, coverage and budget. You'll also have a great opportunity to instantly receive and compare the best, multiple car insurance rates, get instant receipt of insurance proof, and get answers to FAQ's. Most importantly, your car insurance claims will be processed in the shortest possible time. All of this will save you the hassle and headache normally associated with buying car insurance.

Save Money on Your Trade Show Display

Times are tight, and companies are looking to save money any place possible. A great way to cut costs is to by used, and that includes buying a used trade show display. Sure, there's something to be said for having a shiny new display, but there's no better way to save money than to buy used, and there's nobody better to buy your used trade show display from than Trade Show Joe. Their selection of used booths is second to none, are priced to meet any budget, and are all in like-new shape.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a new trade show booth when you could get one that is just as good and costs hundreds less? If you're looking to shave some money from your budget but still need to attend all the major trade shows, check out Trade Show Joe and their selection of used displays. You won't be disappointed.

Improve Your Employee Evaluation Skills By Sharpening them like a Knife

Employee performance reviews can be a most difficult and stressful time for employee and manager alike. In fact, they can be so painful that you may even feel like not having them at all. But learning how to do them right correctly is part and parcel to their success. Proven performance appraisal techniques and practices do indeed exist, can be learned in the snap of a finger and effectively put to work by managers and supervisors alike. Grote Consulting has the proven expertise in performance management consulting to help your management team turn your performance appraisal procedure from a horrid once-a-year event into a valued ongoing process that everyone in your company can look forward to. So go ahead, look into getting a performance appraisal. And when you do, tell 'em Dick Grote sent you.

Software Estimation and Controlled Risk

I’ve written before on the predictive nature of estimation software. Using cost estimating software products as project management software can help show you aspects of your project which you haven’t accounted for, particularly things like risk.

You can't take that leap back

You can't take that leap back

However, software estimation products can do more than highlight areas which you haven’t seen, they can also peer around the corner and show that which you haven’t done yet. Through the software’s rather developed, and mathematically sound, understanding of your project, that understanding can be leveraged towards making theoretical changes.

Think about it this way, software estimation project management software allows you, the project manager to play the “What if…” game. What if I doubled my workforce? What if I reduced everyone’s workload by 10%? What if deadlines were all extended by 10%? What if I assigned every part of the project to just one person?

The questions can seem trivial, even comical, however they point to a very interesting application for such software – they ability to control, limit, and even potentially mitigate risk. The questions I just posed all center around one significant area – the sharing of a workload to make a project easier on employees.

How does making project members work easier help to control risk? Well, for one thing, for projects which are heavily dependent on multiple deadlines all being satisfied in a particular order, specifically where one group is waiting on the work of another, each deadline represents a potential point of failure. By making deadlines easier to achieve, the risk of failure is thus avoided.

Of course, deadlines represent just one area of risk. I like to use them as an example because hard deadlines seem to exist in every area from newspapers to software companies to automobile manufactures. The flexibility of project management software which employees these estimation techniques means that project managers can juggle all sorts of variables in a project finding the optimal mix. In the end, such juggling helps to control the risk of uncertainty.

Bullion By Post

With the recent economic meltdown having taken place, I have been trying to look for investment options as well as spread out my investments. Gold bars and bullion have started becoming popular investment options since they are very safe. Holding a little physical gold is definitely a good insurance policy in the current economic climate.

Bullion By Post are great value gold dealers based in the famous Birmingham Jewellery quarter in the UK. The company offers private UK investors the opportunity to buy gold and silver bullion bars at trade prices. All fine bullion bars supplied are brand new and manufactured by London Bullion Market Association good delivery approved refiners.

Why buy from them? They have the lowest margins in the UK, stock only brand new bars from LBMA approved refiners, insure next day delivery at only £8.00, have real-time spot based pricing and real-time stock availability and, best of all, they have great customer service.

Get a psychic reading!

I was recently going through a very tough time and it seemed like everything was going against me. That's when a friend suggested I get an online psychic reading done. To be frank, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I wondered if psychic love readings were for real or not.

Would he/she be able to catch my true psychic wavelengths? Since I was looking for love, would they be a love psychic?

Well, I did get all my questions answered, and found peace because of it. Do you want to have a psychic reading done also? Well, the fee is only $10.00 for a online psychic reading.When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we do not see the opportunity. You will receive straight facts and steps you need to help you on your life journey.

Gold and gold coins

Experienced investors have long known that gold can be a solid investment choice. Gold prices have seen an upward trend in the past 3 years and are likely to rise steadily over the longer term. This investment opportunity is showing an upswing again. With uncertainty in the stock market and decline in the US dollar, investors are taking a fresh look at gold as an investment option. Gold works as a perfect hedge against investment in other assets.

In fact, when other investments take a beating, gold investment tends to stabilize. As a long term investor, holding on to gold investment is a good tip. Used correctly, it can be an effective component of a diversified investment portfolio, but remember, it is an investment like any other, and has an element of risk (albeit more modest). It's essential to achieve the proper mix.

Go with gold coins or bars if you're interested primarily in safety and diversity. Shop around. The markup on gold coins and bars will vary. One popular choice for coins is the 1 troy ounce size as they are easy to buy, sell and store. Educate yourself about the numismatics market. The design and condition of gold coins can affect its price as much as the gold content itself.

Sharpen Your Employee Evaluation Skills

Employee performance reviews can be difficult and stressful for employee and manager alike. Learning how to do them right is critical to their success. Proven performance appraisal techniques and practices do exist and can be easily learned and effectively used by managers and supervisors. Grote Consulting has the expertise in performance management consulting to help your management team turn your performance appraisal procedure from a dreaded once-a-year event into a valued ongoing process.

Parking hang tags

Want to get Custom Printed Parking Permit Hang Tags? Another parking control solution, Parking Hang Tags are available in several types. Some of them provide a clear lamination on the front and back of the tag protecting your complete graphics. They are designed for frequent transfers, and are made of a strong material limiting curl and preventing color change for a year. They can include reflective properties similar to reflective traffic signs. Some are produced from water resistant paper stock offering good strength for limited use. They are ideal for temporary parking control solutions. There are also scratch off hang tags available, which allow the user to validate the permit as needed. Custom printed hang tags can be printed with hot foil, bar coding, mag stripes, and can be made in either horizontal or vertical designs. You can design your own parking tags and parking decals by just following some simple steps, such as first of all picking your parking sticker, tag, bumper sticker, etc. Then you can select your design.

Patio covers

We just got our new patio made and boy, am I excited! It's always been one of my dreams to have a beautiful patio on which I can sit and soak the sun. I have also bought some patio furniture for which I have still yet to buy Patio Furniture Covers such as Patio Chair Covers and Patio Table Covers. Patio Table and Chair Covers come in a wide range of materials and designs, so it's going to be tough for me to choose, but I don't plan on using the patio till I purchase these required Patio Covers - otherwise, all my furniture will accumulate dust and wear out fast. offer an extensive and exciting range of CORPORATE HOSPITALITY events year round, in the UK and overseas.

With the finest facilities, banqueting and tailored packages or simply accessing our Worldwide Sporting Ticket and Hotel Packages. We specialise in providing high quality, client management at a competitive price.

Whatever your sporting requirements, we can identify, source and fulfil them.

Best quality cars at best prices

Since I've been experiencing an unending stream of unbelievable repair costs with my old car lately, I have been seriously thinking of getting another car. New cars are too expensive and that's why I have been considering a second hand car. Now the risk with purchasing a used car is usually with respect to quality - you're often not sure what exactly you're getting. That's where The Car Shop Megastore is a big help because all their used cars have been checked with HPI for theft, insurance write-offs, and outstanding finance. They have the best choice of the best quality cars at the best prices - everything from Corsa’s to BMW’s and 3,000 cars and a massive selection of vans always in group stock. They are not like a local dealer or garage with no choice. Their large size and buying power allow them an advantage over their competitors when it comes to providing a used vehicle in the UK. Not only do they have a wide choice, they also have a Lowest Price Guarantee which states that if you find the same vehicle at a lower price somewhere else they will refund the difference. They also have a Buy and Go facility which allows you to drive home the same day. To take advantage of their Buy and Go all you need to do is bring your driving license, a recent utility bill, part-exchange documents, and proof of signature. You will need to tax your new car before leaving the site.

Since this is the UK’s leading used car supermarket, you can use their website to search and compare thousands of competitively priced quality used cars and hundreds of used vans. The website is easy to navigate, enabling you to search and store all of your car search details and vehicle information, from the comfort of your own home with their new 'My Car Shop' facility.

Legal services in the New Jersey area

Even if you're not the type to get into trouble with the law, there may still be a number of occasions when you need to seek legal advice. provides a one-stop place to get solutions for your legal problems, whether of a civil or criminal nature.

By enlisting the services of a lawyer that specializes in a certain area of the law, you can be certain you will receive the best representation possible since they will focus on researching and studying one specific area of specialization. Thus, they will know the latest cases and rulings in that particular area.

It is vital for you to hire a lawyer that you feel is looking out for your best interest and, in cases where there is a monetary award, one who will do his or her best to help you win the highest award possible. The lawyers at meet all of these characteristics and are the best lawyers the area has to offer.

DC Ranch Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Scottsdale Ranch, The Holm Group is here to assist you. The Holm Group represents both buyers and sellers in Scottsdale Ranch and has been a member of the Scottsdale Ranch community since 2005. Whether it's a luxury home, waterfront property, single family home or town home you can rely on The Holm Group to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Remove the stress from buying or selling and let The Holm Group assist you today.

DC Ranch is a nationally acclaimed private golf and residential community in Scottsdale. DC Ranch Real Estate has been developed with a deep respect for the integrity of the land and a commitment to the preservation of open desert space on a spectacular piece of land at the base of the McDowell Mountains which provides panoramic views of Scottsdale and Phoenix below. Four distinctive village neighborhoods, centered around neighborhood parks, offer a variety of attached villas, single-family homes, luxury apartments and condominiums. Shared by all the residents are remarkable amenities offered at 2 community centers. Some of the features include lighted tennis and basketball courts, Olympic-size pool, children's wading pool, children's adventure playground, exercise and fitness room, poolside and garden patios, meeting rooms for clubs, celebrations and events, a community-wide intranet, and a full calendar of events and activities. Walking trails will eventually extend to over 33 miles.

Good Business Stationary Is A Must

About the author: The printing company Conquest Graphics specializes in business cards, catalog, newsletter, stationery, brochure printing and more in small or large quantities at low prices.

Business Stationary to Setup Your Professional Appeal

All business both small and large need to have some professional business stationary that they can use in contacting their customers. This will show your customers you care about your business. They will be happy to see a professional layout of your business contacts. Let's take a look at the various items you can use to set up your professional appeal.

You want to think of your business and how you want your designs to look. If your company has a logo, you can include that in your business stationary. If you do not have one you may want to consider designing one or have one designed. The lettering is also important in your stationary. You want to be sure that it is readable and unique. Make the layout of the text different; try to stay away from ordinary. Make your self stand out and look professional while doing this.

Looking for moving solutions?

If you are looking for West Palm Beach movers, SMARTBOX provides one of the cheapest and easiest moving solutions available. If you are moving locally in Florida or just about anywhere in the country SMARTBOX provides easy pick-up and delivery of your storage pods and when you arrive at your destination, your moving pods will be on site, ready to be unpacked. Even if your move is delayed SMARTBOX will store your containers in a secure, climate controlled storage facility.

The same can be said for West Palm Beach storage, no one takes better care of you than SMARTBOX. There's no hassle with renting a truck or making sure you get to a storage place during certain hours, SMARTBOX delivers your pods West Palm Beach, gives you the freedom to pack them at your own pace, and schedules pick-ups around your schedule.

Get an online business degree

Think a business degree has to be boring? Think again!

Getting an online business degree can open up a whole world of new job opportunities that you may not have thought possible. Have a passion for environmentalism? Then consider getting your Bachelor of Science in Business/Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management. This degree will teach you more about the green movement and instruct you on how to help corporations apply sustainability practices to their businesses.

If you consider yourself a worldly person, perhaps a business degree in Global Management is more your style. You could travel the world as a liaison between companies that need to work together but are continents apart. Or, if you know a foreign language, you could make monthly visits to factories overseas to make sure things are running smoothly.

Perhaps you are passionate about businesses and how they run, but prefer to do research on companies instead of working at them. Then a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership is for you. You'll be conducting groundbreaking research in your field and may even end up as a professor or a high-paid consultant for a Fortune 500 company.

Whatever your passion, there is an online business degree for you!