Blog advertising

Advertisers who are selling products and/or services have finally realized that the power and reach of the internet is unsurpassed by any other medium. Blog marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are utilized by all the marketers who wish to harness the potential of the internet.

One of the ways of to have effective advertising is by going in for blog advertising. Advertising on blogs has become extremely popular as of late. Anyone with a blog can offer advertising to advertisers. As far as advertising on blogs goes, I have to admit that I myself have become a convert to the potential.

The blogger simply writes about the advertiser's products or services and then also links back to the advertiser's website, thereby giving more power to the latter's Link Popularity. No only does the advertiser get Higher Search Engine Rankings, he also gets more targeted traffic which in turn boosts his Sales and revenue (in essence, the bottomline).

The reason why blog advertising works is because blogs are essentially gathering places for niche influencers and opinion-makers whose loyal audience also consists of smart, savvy consumers. It is not just young college students that read blogs. Rather, the audience can be composed of an astonishingly wide demographical and geographical reader profile, not to mention also the mainstream media.

Old-line, entrenched brands do not benefit much from blog advertising, as their ads are seldom interesting, thought-provoking, or human enough. Generally speaking, new launches, new products, newsmakers, etc. are what blog advertising works for. The ads should have a human voice and be high on the connectivity factor. Moreover, the ads need to be as edgy and rich as the blog content itself. Humor or sarcasm works splendidly as well. One actually needs to appeal to the reader's sensibilities with solid copy. Exclusivity also is highly appreciated by bloggers. For example, offering something first to bloggers, before it is offered to the general public, can score the advertiser brownie points, big time.


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