House cleaning is cathartic!

Yes, it is! House cleaning IS a cathartic process for me. Although I do sometimes think I am one of the very few people who, despite being financially well off, still clean their house themselves. I can think up a few practical reasons: it’s disruptive to have service people in my house, etc.

However, I think the real reason is something different -- I find that after housecleaning, my spirits feel lifted. My thoughts are cleared and my mind feels lighter as well. It's like the congestion in my mind has lessened along with the conjestion in my house! I feel this same way after throwing unnecessary items in the house away. There's a system called "Feng Shui" that advocates this too. You may have noticed the same feeling when working at a messy desk versus a clean and tidy one -- you feel "better" in the latter (at least in my case!) Any comments on this?


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