Making money online from blogging

Working from home and making money online has never been so easy.

There's an exciting array of opportunities opening up for bloggers for earning an income from or through their blogging. Bloggers looking to earn an income from blogging should spread their interests across multiple revenue streams. This is becoming increasingly much easier to do and the past year has witnessed many options opening up.

A Few Examples Of Income Generators for Bloggers:

Advertising Programs - such as Google's Adsense, and many more. MSN and Yahoo also have ad programs but those are still in beta testing.

Sponsorship - Some businesses are realizing the advantage of advertising directly on blogs. Some companies also pay bloggers to write on certain topics on a post-by-post basis.

Affiliate Programs - such as Amazon, Commission Junction etc. There are also hundred of others from the large to the very small.

Business Blog Writing - Many competitive businesses today have started blogs. Some have internal staff take on blogging duties, but many hire bloggers to run their blogs.

Non Blogging Writing Avenues - Bloggers are even being approached for writing in newspapers, magazines, books, and other non-blog websites.

Merchandising - an increasing number of bloggers are making a bit extra by selling branded products through programs like Cafepress, etc.


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