Get Back on the Road Quickly After an Accident

Many of my friends at school have just started learning driving and have gotten their licenses. However, in their excitement of being able to finally drive and be independent, they sometimes end up speeding, which of course leads to a lot of mistakes. For example, one of my friends, while crossing a busy intersection, was bumped into by another driver. The incident left a dent in her car. Since it was big dent, she said that she was finding it embarrassing to take the car out anyplace now. She asked me if there was any good portland auto body shop that specializes in portland collision work. I searched online and came to know that there was a local auto body shop that performs collision repair Portland services that are of a very high quality and affordable as well. Their team of certified collision repair specialists will focus on getting your car, and your life, back in order, quickly. They offer their customers Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, Pick-up & delivery of your vehicle, Assistance with insurance claims, Reliable, on-time repairs, Ask about our free loaner car program, and On-site rental car assistance. I gave my friend the contact details of that place and told her to get her car fixed there. She told me that she would do so.


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