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With the summer heat upon you, you're air conditioner must be on full blast. However, how often do you care for it? Did you know that just cleaning and/or changing the air filter can work wonders with the cooling? But how do you know when to change the air filter? Well, a good sign that your filter needs changing is when ice begins to form inside your inside cooling unit (evaporator section). This may be difficult to observe since the unit is sealed, but you can find out by touching the outside metal and feeling for a noticeable temperature difference. You might see ice on the large line going to the outside unit (Suction Line) as well. In case ice is forming, it is possible that your air filter is severely dirty and restricting the normal air flow thus forming ice, because of the fact that not enough heat is being introduced to your cooling section. If you need help servicing your air conditioner, you can contact Miller's One Hour Heating, which is a top Choice for repairing Air Conditioning Systems. They service both Air Conditioning Vancouver WA and Air Conditioning Portland OR. Their phone number is 360.695.6500 / 503.261.6500. They offer free quotes and estimates for service, repair, and maintenance.


Carla said...

Another important issue that should be discussed - repair of household appliances, for example, we always refer to the!

Ali jan said...

Will I need to bring my appliance in for repair at your shop or will someone come to my residence to complete the repair? appliance service

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