Caribbean all inclusive hotels

Ocho Rios is a must-visit destination, and is known to be an especially romantic vacation destination. The weather is good all year round. It is somewhat hotter in summer, but it is never too hot, and you can always cool off in the Caribbean or resort swimming pools. In winter, the temperatures are almost perfect. Of course, you should always bring good sun protection if you want to come to Jamaica. The Dunn's River Falls are the primary attraction of Ocho Rios. There you will find a snack bar, souvenir shops and everything else you need to spend the day. At the park's main exit gate, there is a crafts market with several dozens souvenir huts. The falls and the beach are usually overcrowded. If you can, you should go there on a weekend day, when the big cruise ships are not in Ocho Rios. Regarding where to stay, the best Ocho Rios hotels can be found at Breezes resorts. Their caribbean hotels are all inclusive hotels where all expenses are included in the package. To move around I recommend taxis. You can hire a licensed taxi or a collective taxi. Collective taxis, or robots, are the local mean of transportation. Not many Jamaicans have a car - they rely on these public taxis. If you share one of these taxis with the locals, you can travel anywhere for a few Jamaican dollars. If you want a private taxi, it will cost you a lot more.


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