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The home plans of today have undergone a sea change from those of the past. For example, open floor plans are more common than ever in today's modern house plans. Gone are the days of neatly partitioned off rooms. Today, kitchens and dining rooms are often one space and include islands in the middle and very high end appliances. They are often considered the main family room. Secondly, today both men and women have a lot more to store in closets. As our per capita has increased, so has our hunger for more and more clothes, accessories and personal care products. As a result, more closet space is required. Most people buying a new home want to see at least one walk-in closet. Closets should be designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, too. The more accessible the items, the better. Floors have also changed in both appearance and price. You see many more home plans featuring hardwood floors today, and they are not just log home plans. Moreover, hardwood does not mean just oak. To be more green, many homeowners have sustainable wood floors made from bamboo and reclaimed material. Even the way that the floor is installed has changed.


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