The blogging revolution

Way back in the last decade, what we now call blogging was hardly anything more than the sometimes nutty musings of online diaries. But now, there are online blogs on every topic under the sun. There are also tech blogs, news blogs, commentary blogs, etc. that only months ago were the near-monopoly of established companies or news outlets. Positioned between media and the common reader, blogs can be as well-referred as traditional journalism, but they have the added advantage of the personal touch. This personal touch is much more in sync with our current sensibility than were the opinionated magazines and newspapers of yesteryears. Amidst it all, this much is clear: The blogging phenomenon is real and is making a profound impact. Blogging is transforming the media world and could even initiate a revolution in how journalism functions.

Get paid to read emails

Wanna get paid just for reading emails? If so, just sign up for sites like InboxDollars and RupeeMail and EmailCashPro. All of these pay you to read emails. After you sign up, you will get some paid emails sent to your email address. Don't worry, you'll just receive a couple of mails every now and then - they won't spam you! These emails will be marked as paid emails in the subject line. Once you click on the link inside the email, a new window will open and your account will be automatically credited.

Join Yuwie and make money -- they pay you to socialize, and it's absolutely free!

Yuwie is a Social Networking website much like MySpace or FaceBook, but they pay you for participating by sharing the ad revenue that's generated from all the traffic you encourage with your content. The more fun you have, the more pages get viewed, the more ads get displayed and the more money you can make. And it's absolutely free to join!

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It’s a web 2.0 site in the sense that it relies on contributions from thousands of internet users to build up a social network. The difference between Yuwie and, say, MySpace is that it shares its advertising revenue with its members on the basis that the more you use it, the more you make.

One of the more powerful aspects of Yuwie is that you make money when people you recommend to yuwie sign up too - like a network marketing arrangement but crucially without the need to pay anything to join.

Yuwie has 10 deep level referral downline. If you have more referral signed up under you, you will make more money. The following is the percentage of referral bonus in each level:

Level Your Percentage
You - 10%
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Oily french fries

Well, we all knew there was a lot of oil in McDonald's (and any other company's) french fries, but I bet you didn't know JUST how much. Take a lookie at this video where a guy draws an entire large painting using the oil seeping from just one order of McDonald's large french fries. Then imagine all that grease flowing around in your circulatory system. All I can say is Ewwww!

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Trade show displays

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