Bullion By Post

With the recent economic meltdown having taken place, I have been trying to look for investment options as well as spread out my investments. Gold bars and bullion have started becoming popular investment options since they are very safe. Holding a little physical gold is definitely a good insurance policy in the current economic climate.

Bullion By Post are great value gold dealers based in the famous Birmingham Jewellery quarter in the UK. The company offers private UK investors the opportunity to buy gold and silver bullion bars at trade prices. All fine bullion bars supplied are brand new and manufactured by London Bullion Market Association good delivery approved refiners.

Why buy from them? They have the lowest margins in the UK, stock only brand new bars from LBMA approved refiners, insure next day delivery at only £8.00, have real-time spot based pricing and real-time stock availability and, best of all, they have great customer service.


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